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Pulsation Dampeners and Pressure Limiting Valves - Models 150, 200 Pulsation Dampeners and Pressure Limiting Valves - Models 150, 200

Model 150

Model 200
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Model 150 Product Information Bulletin_150.pdf

Model 200 Product Information Bulletin_No_200_11.pdf

Standard Model Specifications Model_150.PDF

Standard Model Specifications Model_200.PDF

Product Features/Benefits


  • Controlled Leak Check for Protection against Pressure Spikes
  • Fine Control Needle Valve for Adjustable Pressure Pulsation Dampening
  • 5000 (340 bar) or 10000 (680 bar) PSIG Working Pressure
  • Protection of Pressure Gauges and Transmitters Components from Over Pressure
The Model 150 “Vari-Damp®”

The Model 150 “Vari-Damp®” all purpose pulsation dampener features both a fine thread needle valve for adjusting dampening characteristics and a Precision Controlled Flow Rate Ball Check to block line surges, shock waves, or fluid hammer. This adjustment can be performed with the unit pressurized. The Model 150 provides outstanding protection for applications where low displacement devices such as bourdon tube gauges or electronic transmitters are used or in high displacement devices where diaphragm, piston, or bellows operated gauges, recorders, or controllers are required. Double-ported instruments, like Differential Pressure Gauges, should be installed with a Model 150 on each input pressure line.

The Model 200 “Gauge Minder®”

The Model 200 “Gauge Minder” features a pressure limiting valve that blocks off excess pressure to the instrument, preventing calibration failure, internal damage, and “blowout” from over-ranging - a principal cause of instrument failure.

The Model 200 is supplied with a set of (3) range springs designed to set the shutoff pressure point at any pressure from 50 PSI (3.4 bar) to 5000 PSI (340 bar). The automatic shutoff valve is positive on closing and is non-chattering. Once closed, pressure need only be reduced approximately 10% of set pressure to re-open the valve. No external reset is required. The accuracy of the instrument used with the Model 200 is in no way affected up to the set point of the pressure shutoff.